2019 was a doozy. There were wonderful and challenging sessions. I now know that I especially love capturing people in their spaces. That's a direction I want to continue exploring. The two lifestyle brand sessions I had this year absolutely rocked. It was great to play with something more stylized, that still had a person at the center of it.

For 2020, I want to be more consistent. There are a bunch of awesome people I want to spend time with, and if that's going to happen, I need to get a whole lot better at getting shit done. And I need to be more consistent about staying in contact with people between times we see each other.

The Japanese word kaizen represents the ideal of constant improvement. Starting small. So small that it seems ridiculous to even count it, but doing something everyday to improve. Those things you imagine an ideal version of you would do but sound like too much work. Take one of those and drill it down to almost nothing, then do that every day for a week. Then add a little more. And repeat. Consistency rather than intensity is the key. I want that to be the idea that I come back to over and over for the next year.

For now, I want to share photos I love from 2019, covering the projects and events I was lucky enough to photograph. It's a wide variety, so buckle up! I'll be blogging most of these sessions as I get all my favorite work posted. Thank you to each and every person who got in front of my camera in 2019!